Exploring new avenues to ensure refugee integration

This project explores new thinking and methods to help refugee integration and access to labour markets, and how the private sector may help improve refugee integration.

Existing studies show that similar groups of refugees fare very differently when it comes to e.g. labour market integration depending on which host society they arrive in. This challenges the common assumption that successful or failed integration is dependent on the characteristics of the arriving groups, as opposed to the host society’s integration efforts.

Based on this insight, this project explores how private sector investments can help improve access to labour markets for refugees in Denmark and other European countries. The project examines how innovative tools originally developed for other purposes or mainly applied in developing coutnriess, such as microfinance and social impact bonds, may be utilised in traditional welfare economies to assist refugee entrepreneurship.

The project is implemented in collaboration with MinoTænk – the Danish think tank for minority rights.

Project period: 2016-2018

Project owner:

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