Raoul Wallenberg Talks #1 Jan 20: Per Axbom, digital expert

The Raoul Wallenberg Talks: What is the connection between AI and Human Rights?

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute will kick-off a series of lectures on human rights in collaboration with Altitude Meetings. They will be broadcast from Lund’s Stadshallen’s website.

Democracy and human rights are facing direct threats, both at home and abroad. Our talks aim to bring renowned guests who can highlight timely issues. Among the topics that we will discuss: AI and Human Rights, climate refugees, academic freedom, poverty, and increasing inequality.

Once Stadshallen’s new facilities are finished and refurbished, we will host the talks there. In the meantime, we will broadcast the talks online.

Our first event takes place on January 20th and features Per Axbom. He will talk about the connection between AI and human rights.

The event will be in English, is free to attend, and you can access it here.

When: January 20 at 9.00-10.00 CET
Where: Tune in from stadshallen.se 

More information: Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

About Per Axbom 
Per Axbom is a digital ethicist, designer, coach and teacher. He was born in Liberia and grew up in Saudi Arabia and Tanzania. His international background, together with an early interest in IT, computers and responsible innovation, has created a strong will to work for justice issues in the digital world.

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About The Raoul Wallenberg Talks
Raoul Wallenberg Talks are arranged by Raoul Wallenberg Institute and Altitude Meetings and broadcast live on Stadshallen.se. Altitude and Stadshallen in today’s local newspaper  (in Swedish)

When Stadshallen in Lund is completed in the winter of 2022, Raoul Wallenberg Talks will be arranged on site in the newly built premises at the heart of Lund.

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