Pufendorf Lecture: Constitutionalism, Democracy and the Challenges of a Digital Age

The Fulbright Distinguished Chair Address

The Faculty of Law, Lund University and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, invite you to attend the lecture.


Constitutionalism, Democracy and the Challenges of a Digital Age


When: 28 February,  2024 at 16:15
Where: In the Pufendorf auditorium, Tryckeriet, Lilla Gråbrödersgatan 3
By whom: Given by David Kaye, – Distinguished Fulbright Chair in Public International Law at the RWI and the Law Faculty.

What else: The lecture will be followed by refreshments

About the lecture

The digital age – whether we think of it as the historic development of internet search and access to information, the rise of social media and concentration of power in a small number of companies, the emergent world of automation and artificial intelligence in realms from social welfare to military force to everything else, the integration of digital technology into every aspect of our lives, or something else – has been both a bulwark for citizen engagement in public affairs and a threat to democratic institutions.

How should we be thinking about and bolstering democracy in this age of technology’s dominance? What is democracy in the digital age? What are the challenges to it? How does human rights online relate to broader themes of democracy? Do we need a theory for democracy in the digital age?

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