FairShare Conference: Learn About the Tool for Developing Equal Cities

Together with Tengbom, Rise, and the Helsingborg city, we have developed a Certification System, ‘FairShare’, whose purpose is to create conditions for equal public environments.

It will ensure systematic work on all grounds of discrimination and proactive work on the promotion of human rights with the aim of designing and building more equally to create a more inclusive society. 

The certification, FairShare, can be used as a tool in the work with general plans, plan programs, detailed plans, property development as well as design with the goal of fulfilling equality commitments in projects.

Launch Event for the FairShare Certification System

We invite architects, city planners, urban developers and developers to a morning seminar to get inspired, mingle with like minded and learn about how this new tool works. FairShare is currently being tested by a number of cities who will be there to share their insights and thoughts. 


H22 Talk: How to create equal cities?

Where: The Atrium at Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg, Sweden 

When: Friday, 10 June at 10.30-12.00


Guests & speakers

Nicolas Lunabba, Manager for Hela Malmö

Ifeoma Ebo, Urban Planner New York

Gunnar Sandin, Professor Lund School of Architecture

Birgitta Andersson, Equality strategist, SKR

More info (in Swe)  


About FairShare

FairShare, the project, partly funded by Vinnova, aimed to bridge the gap between what we want from a city space and what is actually built. Equality and inclusion are essential for secure city environments where everyone feels seen, heard, and welcome. A significant challenge in achieving this is reaching those who have little or no presence in the public space.

The overall challenges are linked to the 2030 Agenda – the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable cities and societies – and the goal is for the solution to be widely established, user-friendly, and practice-based.  

The project builds in part on the “Dignity by Design” guidelines that also are receiving growing interest from local governments, and where the city of Bergen/Norway was one of the front-runner cities to test it in practice. 

Read more about FairShare here


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