Dignity in the Built Environment

There are bold ambitions underway in Europe to address climate change in the built environment. Focus is on reducing the impacts of materials, shifting to renewable energy sources, increasing energy efficiency, and strengthening resilience.

The implications of the Ukraine-Russia conflict have highlighted the importance of these efforts in the region. All of these processes can be done in a way that continues to deepen inequality and undermines human rights, or in a way that pursues a pathway that advances a “just transition” by expanding social opportunities.

This session will deepen understanding of the what and how of social risks and opportunities in the built environment, with the internationally-recognised Human Rights Framework as a starting point.

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When: 28 November, 2022

Time: 8.30 – 12.30

Where: BLOXHUB, Arena Bryghuspladsen 8 1473 Copenhagen

For whom: The workshop you who are involved in shaping the built environment: governments (national and local); investorsindustry (architects, engineers, developers); civil society; and academia. 

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08.30 Arrivals and coffee

9.00 Setting the Scene: Introducing session topics

Andreia Fidalgo (IHRB Nordic), and Jostein Kobbeltvedt (Rafto Foundation)

  • Discussion with Q&A

10.00 Let’s get concrete: What does this mean in practice, and what examples showcase dignity in the built environment?

Conversation with a panel of experts

10.30 Break & Networking

10.50 Nordic innovations in social inclusion in the built environment

Conversation with a panel of experts

11.20 ”Just transition” in the built environment

Conversation with a panel of experts

11.50 Group Work

What would you like to see more of / less of from the public sector, from the private sector, from the civil society, and from academia to support the ”just transition” in the built environment?

12.10 Closing & Networking

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