Creating Possibilities for International Cooperation on Human Rights

Please join us for our upcoming seminar: Creating Possibilities for International Cooperation on Human Rights

Note: The seminar is open for all relevant actors interested in human rights research and RWI in particular encourages participation of early career researchers and scholars. In order to prepare venue, lunch, coffee breaks, please register your participation.  Please register before Tuesday 30 May, 2023.

The overall objective of this seminar is to engage with key Armenian stakeholders on how to improve the conditions and possibilities for the production of high quality human rights research in Armenia by Armenian scholars that will enable further opportunities for international cooperation.

When: 2 June 09:30 – 14:45 (GMT+4)

Where: Holiday Inn Yerevan – Republic Square, an IHG Hotel 2 Amiryan Street Yerevan, Yerevan 0010 Armenia

Link for registration: Click here!

If you have questions regarding the event, please contact David Eile:


The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (RWI) is currently implementing a capacity development programme on human rights in Armenia entitled “Supporting international human rights law and standards in Armenia 2022-25”. The overall outcome of the Programme is “Increased application of international human rights law and standards in the work of targeted actors in Armenia”, and one of the specific working areas is to support the production of high quality human rights research in Armenia.

The seminar, Creating Possibilities for International Cooperation on Human Rights, forms part of a research support process to Armenian scholars that can be divided in four interconnected phases:

  • Seminar in Yerevan, 2 June 2023: This seminar has the objective to discuss current trends in human rights research from an international perspective and relate these to the context of Armenia, in order to explore opportunities for further research cooperation for Armenian scholars with international scholars and networks. The outcomes of the seminar will also serve as input to the organization of a bigger international human rights conference to be held in Yerevan in December 2023, as well as to guide RWI’s research support over the coming years. Participation in the seminar will thus be a possibility to learn more on international developments in human rights research, explore possibilities for international research support, and to influence and be part of upcoming RWI activities.
  • International Human Rights Conference, December 2023: The conference structure and content will be based on the results of the Seminar mentioned above, and aims to include international and Armenian national experts on human rights, as well as representatives of Armenian CSOs and public institutions. The conference will provide space for Armenian academics and scholars to present their human rights research to a wider audience through paper and panel presentations. In addition, selected participants in the conference will have the opportunity to receive specific support to develop their research further through grants and international research visits/exchanges (see below)
  • Grant support to selected Armenian scholars, spring 2024: Research projects/ideas presented during the conference will have the possibility to receive a RWI grant to further develop their research. The aim of the grant is to allow Armenian academics to have time to dedicate to their research projects/ideas and to develop their research capacities in terms of research design, methodology, academic writing, and so on. In addition to receiving a grant, the selected researchers will get access to international academic expertise on their topic of interest and have the possibility for study visits/exchanges at RWI/Lund University to work on issues of particular relevance to their research projects.
  • Participation in the AHRI conference: The selected grantees will get the possibility to participate in the annual conference of the Association of Human Rights Institutes (read more about AHRI here) to be held in Lund, Sweden, in the fall of 2024. The global network of AHRI includes more than 80 human rights institutes and many leading academics in various fields of human rights. Participation in the conference will allow for engagement and peer-to-peer exchanges with scholars from all over the world, as well as continued support to the participants’ research projects through workshops organized by RWI. After the conference, RWI will also explore the possibilities of publishing participant contributions in a national or international human rights journal.


The agenda will be updated with more details on presenters.




Opening and introduction

Raoul Wallenberg Institute






 Panel discussion

Current trends and needs in human rights research: Interdisciplinarity, new actors/topics, and cross-cutting issues

 09:40-10:25 Panel presentations Morten Koch Andersen: International perspectives

 10:25-10:45 Discussion with the audience (with moderator)




Coffee/tea break



Group work and discussion

Role and modalities of international support to Armenian scholars: How can local scholars be supported to develop their human rights research?  

–        Barriers and opportunities from a local contextual and institutional perspective

–        Defining research gaps and unmet needs

–        Capacity gaps for producing high quality human rights research




Panel discussion

Building forms of cross-sectoral research cooperation: How can relevant and sustainable forms for research cooperation between academia and CSOs be supported?

 12:00-12:30 How can academic-CSO collaboration contribute to the effectiveness of research, policy and practice that promotes human rights?

–        Presentations of promising and best practices in Armenia

12:30-13:00 Discussion with the audience (with moderator)








Plenary discussion

Conclusions and way forward

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