Evaluation of RWI’s Turkey Programme 2017-2020

In July 2020, RWI commissioned an external evaluation of its Turkey Human Rights Capacity Development Programme 2015-2020 to assess the effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, and sustainability of the programme during the period between July 2017 – June 2020. The purpose was to inform RWI, Sida and its partners how successful the Programme had been in achieving its expected results during the period of evaluation. Furthermore, the aim was to identify lessons learned that Programme partners could benefit from, as well as provide inputs on the continuous needs for support of partners. Additionally, the report was expected to provide input as to potential additional adjustments in relation to the phasing out of the Programme, relating to the exit strategies developed.

The overall objective of the Programme is “Strengthened human rights performance of targeted actors enabling more informed and inclusive reform initiatives, policies and programmes in Turkey”, which was expected to be achieved through the areas of education, research and solution-oriented dialogue between policymakers, academia and civil society organisations. In 2017, due to effects of the failed coup attempt in Turkey, the Programme was subject to revisions both in terms of partners and thematic areas.

The evaluation was conducted by Sthlm Policy Group, which was selected to carry out the evaluation following a procurement process.  The final Report was submitted to RWI on 17 December 2020. The report has since been shared with the RWI Board of Trustees, RWI partners and with Sida.

Final evaluation report of RWI Turkey

Management Response to Evaluation

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