EU Due Diligence

The EU framework for Business and Human Rights (BHR)

The EU is pursuing a comprehensive and unprecedented legislative approach to business and human rights (BHR). The proposal for a corporate due diligence Directive is part of a ‘smart regulatory mix’ involving corporate responsibilities, sustainable finance, value-based trade, and development assistance.

The momentum for the due diligence directive comes from the EU Green Deal and its goal of a green, just and competitive transition.

RWI has produced publications, convened events, and raises awareness through education and training on these new, complex, developments.

R. Mares, ‘Corporate self-regulation and climate regulation in international law: Accounting for the business and human rights experience in the EU’, in O. Quirico and F. Baber (eds.), Implementing Climate Policies (forthcoming Cambridge University Press, 2023)

R. Mares, ‘Directors’ duties during the Green Transition under EU law - Reform and ramifications from corporate sustainability due diligence’, Nordic Journal of European Law, Vol. 6 No. 3 (2023) DOI.

A webinar series during spring 2021 involving panels of experts, recording available here

A series of seminars together with Business Sweden to raise awareness and knowledge among various Swedish agencies and across. Autumn 2021

Two blogs on the EU sustainability due diligence directive, in 2022 (English and Swedish).

RENEW project: RWI is part of an academic consortium running the EU-funded RENEW project (EU Research and Education Network on Europe in the World) (2022-2025). The project covers European external affairs, including trade and sustainable development.

Featured image: by Guillaume Périgois

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