Doing Business in Difficult Contexts

Advice and analysis for businesses in difficult contexts

RWI offers advice on corporate human rights due diligence in high-risk contexts. In addition to tailored advice, RWI in collaboration with partners provides platforms and opportunities for business to engage with local and international stakeholders.

Advice and support to multinational corporations and business associations operating in China (e.g. Malin Oud serves as advisor to the Global Business Initiative on Human Rights)

Convening expert roundtables and multistakeholder consultations. For example, the side-event at UN business and human rights Forum 2021, and the Stockholm roundtable organised together with Global Marshall Fund

Assessments and evaluations (e.g. QuizRR assessment here).

Tools and materials to understand the impacts of China’s outward FDI and the broader context facing multinational corporations as the international legal order and UN system is reshaped in a multipolar world. For example, the Decoding China Dictionary and RWI support for People’s Map of Global China.

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