Cross-Sectoral Collaboration on Human Rights Issues

We engage with our Armenian partners in governmental, civil society, and academic sectors.  

To date, we support clinical legal education programmes and legal clinics at Yerevan State University (YSU) and the American University of Armenia (AUA). Clinical Legal Education (CLE) is a legal teaching method which uses practical-based, student-centred, and problem-based interactive learning methods to teach students how to tackle human rights issues. We have applied this method in our international programmes since 2011.  

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With Armenian universities, we have been using CLE to increase their outreach to other actors in the society. Our focus was on how both AUA and YSU can develop CLE initiatives to increase access to justice for vulnerable groups in Armenia. In October 2021, we organized a workshop about future cooperation between legal clinics and other actors who deliver access to justice. Participants from YSU, AUA, civil society organizations and the Human Rights Defender’s Office attended the workshop. 

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We also seek to link our work with the Armenian justice sector to cooperation with other actors. In December 2021, we started the process of establishing a cross-sectoral platform through which to design an independent mechanism to investigate cases of torture in Armenia. Representatives from the Prosecutor’s Office, investigation services, ministries, academia, and civil society were present.  

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Meeting to establish a cross-sectoral platform investigating torture cases held in Yerevan in December 2021.