Open Panel Debate: Indigenous People’s struggles in South America

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Amnesty, Lund University and Laboratorio de imagem e som em antropolocia welcomed students and other interested people to listen to the panelists and to participate in the debate regarding ‘current opportunities and challenges in accommodating cultural diversity and social demands’.

Mr. Rafael Numi Capra, Lawyer, University of Chile (Amnesty International) briefed the audience of the complex sociopolitical and cultural situation in the southern cone today, through Amnesty’s recent reports. Mr Dr Alejandro Fuentes and Ms Alice Kasznar, Senior Researcher at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute talked about indigenous people’s land claims; normative approaches and societal struggles in South America.

A few reflections from the event that attracted a large crowd a Friday afternoon:


Moderator; Mr. David Eile, Senior Programme Officer; the Raoul Wallenberg Institute

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