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Learn with Lena: Book Tips from Our Librarian on Racism

Every month, our experienced librarian Lena Olsson handpicks a number of interesting books on current human rights topics. On March 21 we highlighted the International Day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination during our Swedish Human Rights Film Festival. We promoted the film Stay Woke: The Black Lives Matter Documentary and hosted a panel discussion on racism – that you are welcome to watch and dig into here.

Also, do check out the great additional materials on racism and discrimination that we have gathered here.

In light of this ever burning issue, Lena Olsson  went into the Raoul Wallenberg Institute Library, to look for a number of interesting books for you to read on these topics. Lena suggests:


On Identity

Francis Fukuyama:  Identity: Contemporary Identity Politics…
From identity to identities  

‘The idea that each group has its own identity that was not accessible to outsiders was reflected in the use of the term lived experience with has seen explosive growth in the popular culture since the 1970s’.




On Dignity 

Pablo Gilabert: Human Dignity and Human Rights

Human dignity raises people above their class, ethnicity, nationality, and other conventional or narrower statuses, making them basic units of moral concern and respect for everyone everywhere. 




On Democracy, re-emergence of authoritarian or nationalistic ideas


Anna Appelbaum: Twilight of Democracy

The emotional appeal of a conspiracy theory is in it simplicity. It explains away complex phenomena, accounts for chance and accidents, offers the believers the satisfying send of having special, privileged access to the truth’. 










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The library has become base of human rights in Lund, and is an important resource for people around the world who study and work for human rights.

The RWI library:

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Welcome to the library! 

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