Learn with Lena: On Business and Human Rights

By: Nikita Lourenço Calling,

Business and Human Rights

This month we are back with Learn with Lena, are we focusing on the thematic area of Business and Human Rights.

Do you want to learn more about business and human rights and have an understanding of how these two areas are interlinked? Have a look at this list of books!
All recommended books are available at the Raoul Wallenberg Library. You can find the books by searching LUBCat, Lund University catalog, or Libris, the Swedish National Library Catalog or click here!

The recommended books might need some preunderstanding, so to start with I can recommend some links to organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations that will give us a background on the topic. Some links that gives an introduction to the topic:

The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

Business and Human Rights Center

OHCHR and Business and Human Rights

Institute for Human Rights and Business

Business and Human Rights- From Principles to Practice

By Dorothée Baumann-Pauly, Justine Nolan

From the publisher:
This book is the first comprehensive and interdisciplinary textbook that addresses these issues. It examines the regulatory framework that grounds the business and human rights debate and highlights the business and legal challenges faced by companies and stakeholders in improving respect for human rights, exploring such topics as:

the regulatory framework that grounds the business and human rights debate challenges faced by companies and stakeholders in improving human rights industry-specific human rights standards current mechanisms to hold corporations to account future challenges for business and human rights.

With supporting case studies throughout, this text provides an overview of current themes in the field and guidance on practical implementation, demonstrating that a thorough understanding of the human rights challenges faced by business is now vital in any business context.

The Oxford handbook of corporate social responsibility

 Edited by Andrew Crane et al.

From the publisher

The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility is a review of the academic research that has both prompted, and responded to, the issues of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Business schools, the media, the corporate sector, governments, and non-governmental organizations have all begun to pay more attention to these issues in recent years. These issues encompass broad questions about the changing relationship between business, society and government, environmental issues, corporate governance, the social and ethical dimensions of management, globalization, stakeholder debates, shareholder and consumer activism, changing political systems and values, and the ways in which corporations can respond to new social imperatives. The book, which provides clear thinking and new perspectives on CSR and the debates around it, is divided into seven key sections: introduction; perspectives on CSR; critiques of CSR; actors and drivers; managing CSR; CSR in a global context; future perspectives and conclusions

Learn with Lena will be back in two weeks.

Welcome to come visit us and borrow books of your choosing!

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