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Bookphoria with Victoria – on Human Rights and the Environment part 3

By: Victoria Heisler,

Continuing with the quarterly theme, Human Rights and the Environment, our librarian Victoria has carefully selected some titles surrounding the topic of climate change. Check out the list below for some insightful reading suggestions!

Climate Change, Disaster Risks, and Human Security Asian Experience and Perspectives / edited by Juan M. Pulhin, Makoto Inoue, Rajib Shaw.

From the publisher: This book explores how climate change and disaster risks threaten human security in Asia. Climate change and disaster risks have emerged as major human security challenges in the twenty-first century, and are an imminent “threat multiplier” with the potential to harm the vital core of human life and curtail people’s freedom and ability to live with dignity. Climate change and disaster risks undermine the security of individuals, communities, nations, and the world, considering the increasing trend in the frequency and magnitude of hydro-meteorological disasters and the projections on their future adverse impacts.

ISBN 9789811588525


Human rights and climate change / edited by Stephen Humphreys; with a foreword by Mary Robinson.

From the publisher: As the effects of climate change continue to be felt, appreciation of its future transformational impact on numerous areas of public law and policy is set to grow. Among these, human rights concerns are particularly acute. They include forced mass migration, increased disease incidence and strain on healthcare systems, threatened food and water security, the disappearance and degradation of shelter, land, livelihoods and cultures, and the threat of conflict. This inquiry into the human rights dimensions of climate change looks beyond potential impacts to examine the questions raised by climate change policies: accountability for extraterritorial harms; constructing reliable enforcement mechanisms; assessing redistributional outcomes; and allocating burdens, benefits, rights and duties among perpetrators and victims, both public and private. The book examines a range of so-far unexplored theoretical and practical concerns that international law and other scholars and policy-framers will find increasingly difficult to ignore.

ISBN 978-981-13-1960-0

On the RWI shelf 86 HUM


Environmental Human Rights and Climate Change : Current Status and Future Prospects / Bridget Lewis

From the publisher: This book examines the current status of environmental human rights at the international, regional, and national levels and provides a critical analysis of possible future developments in this area, particularly in the context of a changing climate. It examines various conceptualisations of environmental human rights, including procedural rights relating to the environment, constitutional environmental rights, the environmental dimensions of existing human rights such as the rights to water, health, food, housing and life, and the notion of a stand-alone human right to a healthy environment. The book addresses the topic from a variety of perspectives, drawing on underlying theories of human rights as well as a range of legal, political, and pragmatic considerations.

ISBN 978981131959



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