Bibliography of Covid-19 and Human Rights

In the face of a global crisis, research regarding Covid-19 and its effects on humans is being carried out all over the world at a rapid pace. The virus does not just affect the human body, but also our way of life way of life and our rights and freedoms. Therefore, RWI recognised a need to compile an overview of the research that is being done on the nexus of human rights and Covid-19. Below we present a bibliography centred around the human rights aspect of the Covid-19 crisis. 

It’s a redefining moment in history. And human rights always changed in or after periods of crisis – where do we go this time?

Morten Kjaerum, Director

This bibliography contains: academic articles touching on the human rights dimension of the crisis; calls for papers on the Covid-19 crisis with relevance to human rights issues; and other relevant sources regarding pandemics and human rights. 

Some articles touching upon the human rights dimensions of the Covid-19 crisis

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Other resources of interest 

Danish Institute for Human Rights. (2020) Probing Paper: Covid-19 Response Must Build on Human Rights and SDGs

Dem-Dec upholds a curated list of emerging academic research on the impacts of Covid-19 on democracysee their website  

ACCORD provides an overview of arising conflicts and human rights violations as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, see their website  

Human Rights Watch provides a detailed overview of the Human Rights Dimensions of Covid-19 Response, see their website 

The European Union agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) publishes regular reports about the fundamental rights impact of Covid-19, see their bulletin

CIVICUS provides an overview of the impact of Covid-19 on civic spaces, see their website

The UNDP tracks the global gender response to Covid-19, see their tracker here

The International center for not for-profit law has a dedicated page to track the impact of Covid-19 on civic space, see their website

The Global State of Democracy initiative tracks the impact of Covid-19 on democracies and human rights, see their tracker here

Calls for papers on the Covid-19 crisis with relevance to human rights issues 

Call for papers – Special Issue on Human Rights Protection in Epidemic Situation for the Cross-Cultural Human Rights Review. 

Human rights in healthcare during COVID-19 and other pandemics”, call for papers for the International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare. 

Call for Papers Related to COVID-19 for the Journal of Human Rights and Social Work. 

Call for short essays and full papers on the COVID-19 pandemic and global crisis (including human rights and vulnerable groups) for International Social Work. 

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the Era of Covid-19” call for papers for Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters. 

Call for Papers: COVID-19: Lessons for and from Vulnerability Theory, Special Issue” for International Journal of Discrimination and the Law. 

COVID-19 and Health Inequalities: Lessons for Pandemic Disasters Yet to Come” call for papers for Sociological Spectrum. 

Other Sources Relevant to Pandemics and Human Rights

Doyal, L., and Doyal, L. (2013). Living with HIV and Dying with AIDS – Diversity, Inequality and Human Rights in the Global PandemicAshgate Publishing. 

NovogrodskyN. (2009). Duty of Treatment Human Rights and the HIV/AIDS Pandemic.” Yale Human Rights & Development Law Journal, Volume 12(1), pp. 1–61. 

PahlmanI., TohmoH., and Gylling, H. (2010). Pandemic Influenza: Human Rights, Ethics and Duty to Treat.Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica, Volume 54(1), pp. 9–15. 

Walker, E. M. (2007)The HIV/AIDS Pandemic and Human Rights: A Continuum Approach.Florida Journal of International Law, Volume 19(2), pp. 335–420. 

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Shapiro, R.S., and Stein, R.E. (2004)Ethical and Legal Issues in AIDS Vaccine Trials.Human Rights, Volume 31(4), pp. 20–25. 

Rasanathan, J. K., MacCarthy, S., Diniz, D., Torreele, E., and Gruskin, S. (2017)Engaging Human Rights in the Response to the Evolving Zika Virus Epidemic. American Journal of Public Health,Volume 107(4), pp. 525531. 

DanzigerR. (1996)An Epidemic Like Any Other? Rights and Responsibilities in HIV Prevention.BMJ: British Medical Journal, Volume 312, pp. 1083–1084 

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FitzpatrickJ. (2020). Human Rights in Crisis: The International System for Protecting Rights During States of Emergency. University of Pennsylvania Press. 


-This bibliography will be updated on a running basis- 

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