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The Year in Review 2020 

The number 2020 had a hopeful ring to it. We were entering a new decade. Unfortunately, however, 2020 turned out to be one of the most dramatic years many of us have ever experienced. It began with severe bush fires in Australia. Then came the outbreak of an ‘unknown, novel corona virus’ that turned into a pandemic.

The year included the killing of George Floyd, followed by global anti-racism protests and ended with the final voting out of President Donald Trump. In between, there were tensions between the US and Iran. The UK left the EU. Moreover, there was the biggest issue of all: the continuing climate crisis. Despite all of us not travelling anymore, global emissions only dropped by 7%.

Indeed, 2020 was a shocking year.

Covid-19 is a disease that dramatically has changed the way we have lived our lives the past year. As it swept, and still sweeps, through the world killing millions, it has also had dramatic effects on our economies. The pandemic has eradicated years of work against poverty, and the world is more unequal than ever.

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“The virus does not discriminate” is a sentence that we have heard at times this year. This is certainly not true. The virus has harder hit marginalised groups.Early on, it was clear that the crisis, that we are still in the midst of, is a resilience test for societies and for governments. It is also a harsh reminder of the importance of protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms.

RWI during 2020

During the past year, we have sought to address various human rights concerns undertaking a number of activities. We have also worked to support our partners around the world in dealing with challenges that have accelerated in the wake of the corona crisis.

In this edition of the Year in Review, you will get a glimpse of some of the Covid-19 related key activities in research, education, and international programming that we carried out during 2020.

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Year in Review 2020


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