Results & Evaluations


We use evaluations to support organisational learning and development, accountability and effective management. All programmes and projects of the Institute are, unless explicitly agreed, designed with a view to future evaluations. Evaluation at the Institute is guided by the principles of independence, impartiality, utility, quality, and transparency.

All evaluations, whether commissioned by the Institute or externally, result in an Institute management response. Evaluation reports, together with the Institute’s management response, are, as a rule, made public and published on the Institute’s website, unless such publication could jeopardise confidentiality, violate legal obligations, or lead to unacceptable risk or repercussions to staff, partners or activities.

Below, recent evaluations are listed with a link to more information about the evaluation in question as well as the full text-versions of the respective evaluation report and corresponding Institute management response.

For information on older evaluations, please contact the respective staff member of the Institute responsible for the area of the activity concerned.

Year in Review

Highlights from last year (2021) (2022 in the making) 

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