In-House Experts Available to Speak to Journalists

Morten Kjaerum, RWI’s director

Phone:+46 46 222 12 63;

Specialties: Refugees, migration, and integration, especially in Europe. Other more general human rights questions.

Martha F. Davis, Affiliated Professor, and Director of the Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy at Northeastern Unversity School of Law, USA


Specialties: human rights cities, women’s rights, economic and social rights

Radu Mares, Senior Researcher

Phone:+ 46 46 222 12 43;

Specialties: Business and human rights and corporate social responsibility with a focus on human rights in developing countries as broad umbrella terms. Focuses on extractive industries and impacts on local communities, outsourcing and labour conditions, transnational litigation, regulations with extraterritorial effects (for ex., social reporting regulations), international standardization in the area of CSR (policies of the United Nations, OECD, EU,  etc.), voluntary schemes of CSR (‘corporate voluntarism’), human rights ‘due diligence’, business in conflict zones, corporate governance and human rights, the links between CSR with the international trade and investment regime.

Mark Gibney, the Raoul Wallenberg Visiting Professor of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at Lund University and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute

Specialities: Can speak on almost any aspect of international law and international relations.

Malin Oud, head of Stockholm office

Phone:+46 (0)70 360 87 02; E-mail:

Specialties: Business and human rights/CSR with a focus on emerging markets and high-risk countries; human rights and development; human rights and the environment; China

Gabriella Fredriksson, Team Leader Inclusive Societies

Phone:+46 46 212 12 13; E-mail:

Specialties: human rights and local governance, human rights cities, sustainable development goals, inclusion, integration, child rights

Mikael Johansson, RWI’s advisor on Strategic Planning and Quality Assurance

Phone:+46 46 222 12 02;

Specialties: Linkages between human rights and corruption, Institutional capacity building and in particular the importance of human rights capacity development for the development of fair, humane and accountable criminal justice systems , International standards and norms in the field criminal justice, Human rights in sub-Sahara Africa (Depending on the context)

Alejandro Fuentes, Senior Researcher

Phone:+46 46 222 10 46;

Specialties: International law, human rights law, and international regional human rights systems. Also in the areas of cultural diversity, multiculturalism, plurality, minority rights, ethno cultural rights, religious minorities, sexual orientation of minorities, and the Roma.

Sumudu Atapattu, Affiliated Professor, and Director of Research Centers and Senior Lecturer at UW Law School, USA


Specialties: international environmental law and climate change and human rights, climate migration, environmental rights, and sustainable development

Anna Bruce, Phone: +46 46 2221219 E-mail:

Specialties: International human rights law on disability. International human rights law on and equality/non-discrimination. Disability law and policy.

Matthew Scott, Team Leader Human Rights and the Environment

Phone +46 46 222 1245, E-mail:

Specialties: climate change and disasters from an international refugee law and international human rights law perspective.

Gerard Quinn.  Raoul Wallenberg Visiting Chair.

Specialities in:  international & regional disability law & human rights, EU human rights & discrimination law, EU Structural Funds & social inclusion, autonomy & personhood (decision-making autonomy), independent living & social inclusion.

Thomas Spikjerboer: Raoul Wallenberg visiting professor of human rights and humanitarian law, Lund University

Professor of migration law, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Tel +31 6 5498 7002

 Specialities: Border deaths; externalisation of European migration law and policy; gender & sexuality in refugee law