Every semester, the Raoul Wallenberg Institute offers university students and recent graduates the possibility to undertake internships at the Institute. This is primarily provided through the Institute’s Internship Programme.

The Internship Programme aims to offer eligible students and recent graduates the opportunity to familiarise themselves with and gain experience of work in the field of human rights, to complement academic studies.

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute always seeks to ensure that each internship provides for a valuable and rewarding learning and work experience. Internships are typically non-remunerative, and all costs associated with an internship must be borne by the intern. Interns are moreover expected to make their own arrangements related to travel, accommodation, insurance, obtaining necessary permits, etc.

Please note that an internship is not intended to lead to future employment at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute.

Calls for internship applications specify the nature and tasks of internship assignments offered for each internship, and consequently eligibility criteria. Internship assignments may vary in terms of content. They may have a thematic or geographic focus, or may deal with a specific part of the Institute’s work.

Every attempt is made to match interests of the intern with the tasks that can be offered by the Institute. Specific tasks in this respect may include:

  • Research, reviews and analysis on human rights and international humanitarian law issues
  • Drafting and preparation of official documents, outreach material and other communications content
  • Technical and other support in relation to human rights meetings and conferences
  • The communications department also takes on interns

A supervisor and new colleagues

All interns are assigned a RWI staff member as supervisor, who will provide regular feedback and guidance during the internship.

The duration of an internship may vary, but is usually between three to five months. Generally, internships are not offered during the summer period. Internships can be both part-time and full-time.

Upon completion of the internship, interns are expected to write a brief report on the internship, also in order to provide input into the continuous evaluation and improvement of the Internship Programme.

Following completion of an internship, interns get a certificate.

Please note that local arrangements for internships at other RWI offices than the office in Lund may differ from what is stated above. For more information about such arrangements, as well as internship opportunities, please contact the office at the respective location.

The RWI does not fill internships vacancies unless advertised and are therefore unable to process unsolicited applications. Internship positions are advertised in the Opportunities section.

For more information about internships, please contact the respective departments.


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