Lennart Svensäter

Lennart SvensaterwebMr. Lennart Svensäter, LL.D., is President of the Court of Appeal for Scania and Blekinge, located in Malmö. After finishing studies in law at Lund University in 1978, he served as Law Clerk at the District Court of Lund. In 1980 Lennart Svensäter was employed by the Court of Appeal. In 1993 he was appointed Judge and in 1994 Senior Judge, Head of Division, at the District Court of Malmö. During 2007 – 2009 he was Chief Judge of the District Court of Helsingborg, and thereafter he entered his present position.

Lennart Svensäter has during the years maintained close relations with the Faculty of Law at Lund University. In 1991 he defended a doctoral thesis dealing with the right to intellectual property rights created in the scope of employment. Besides his positions in courts he has been involved as teacher at the Faculty and has also had different international and national commissions from the Swedish Government.


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