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A Call for Participation in Online Activities and Events on Human Rights and Gender Equality for Targeted Academics in Belarus

Информация о данном приглашении на русском языке

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Goals and objectives  

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute is delighted to announce a call for participation in online activities and events on human rights and (or) gender equality for targeted academics in Belarus. This call facilitates participation of Belarusian teachers and researchers in online events and activities aimed to support knowledge sharing, dissemination and strengthening of results achieved within the Academic Co-operation between the Raoul Wallenberg Institute (RWI) and Belarusian universities.

The objectives of participation in online events and activities shall be defined as follows: 

  • Enhance participants knowledge in human rights and (or) gender equality
  • Enhanced access to opportunities of knowledge sharing and information exchange  
  • Enhanced access to opportunities of peer-to-peer communication and academic co-operation 
  • Enhanced capacity of the participants to further elaborate on results achieved within cooperation with RWI and the ways to critically assess and further develop them  
  • Enhanced visibility of the products and results achieved within the academic co-operation between RWI and Belarusian universities  
Target group 

Teachers, researchers, students and librarians directly involved in activities within Academic Co-operation between RWI and Belarusian universities representing both partner and non-partner institutions.

Types of events and activities, eligible for funding: 

  • Online conferences, seminars, workshops
  • Online schools 
  • Online courses 
  • Online events 
  • Etc 
  • Applications will be reviewed on the first-come first-served basis. Participants are encouraged to submit their application as soon as possible. 
  • This call is limited only to those who have received invitation to participate in this call. This invitation cannot be resent or sent further to other persons.   
  • Maximum fund per participation is SEK 10 000. Deviations possible, if justified. 
  • One time participation 
  • The last day of receiving application is 31 October 2020. If fund will run out earlier, RWI can close this call earlier. 
  • The participation in the online event or activity shall take place until 31 December 2020. The report shall be provided within this deadline as well. 
  • Costs will be reimbursed only if necessary receipts are provided. 
  • There is no restriction of the language or location of the online event or activity, provided the applicant can justify participation in accordance with the goals, objectives and criteria of the call.  
  • Application will be reviewed within 10 working days.
  • In the period of 3 July to 3 August 2020 applications will not be reviewed.
Selection criteria  

The following selection criteria will be applied to evaluate whether RWI can provide a financial support. The evaluation will be done collectively by relevant RWI staff. 

  • Applicant shall be or have been directly involved in the cooperation with RWI and shall be in position to disseminate and strengthen the results achieved within the Academic Co-operation between the Raoul Wallenberg Institute (RWI) and Belarusian universities.  
  • Applicant shall demonstrate language skills, necessary for effective and active participation and contribution to the event.  
  • Applicant shall demonstrate how knowledge gained at the event can be communicated and transferred to other colleagues.  
  • Applicant shall be ready to prepare a report and fill out the evaluation form, after participation in the event. Template is provided here (in Russian)
  • Applicant shall demonstrate the commitment to finish and fulfil requirements of the online event or activity (ex. obtain certificate of completion or participation) 
Types of costs reimbursed 
  • Participation fee 
  • Certificate fee 
  • Cost of study materials 
  • Other costs might be considered as well at the discretion of RWI. 

Examples of the providers of the online events and activities (list is not exhaustive): 

To submit an application in Russian, please, click here. 

If you have question, emails us  belarus.application@rwi.lu.se 

Best regards, 

RWI Europe Office Team