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Podcast: Climate Change Is Our Reality

In our latest podcast episode of “On Human Rights” we spoke with Sabira Coelho about the topic of the right of people that are, and can potentially be, displaced in the context of the Pacific region.  

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute’s Head of the thematic area People on the Move, Matthew Scott, visited Suva in Fiji for a roundtable discussion on his research on Disaster Displacement in the Pacific region with a focus on Vanuatu and Solomon islands.  

“Thanks to the Raoul Wallenberg Institute for coming to Suva and sharing the findings, it is important that researchers come back to the place where they have conducted the study and disseminate their ideas” says Sabira Coelho.   

Matthew Scott met with Sabira Coelho who currently serves as the Programme Manager at International Organization for Migration Fiji (IOM) for the three-year joint-programme, “Enhancing protection and empowerment of migrants and communities affected by climate change and disasters in the Pacific Region”. 

The programme is being implemented along with UNESCAP, ILO, OHCHR, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat and Platform on Disaster Displacement, with funding from the UN Trust Fund for Human Security.  

Previously, Sabira served as the Regional Migration Environment and Climate Change Officer at the IOM’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific providing technical support to IOM missions, undertaking research to assess the nexus of climate change and migration and support capacity building of policymakers across the region.  

“For us in Fiji, climate change is our reality and something we experience every day. Local decision-makers realize that it is a problem but the question is how we move forward from here,” says Sabira Coelho.  

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