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RWI on the Right to a Life Without Violence  

The Swedish Forum for Human Rights (MR-Dagarna) is the largest venue of its kind in the Nordic countries and is this year addressing human rights from a more uncommon angle – violence.

This year’s theme incorporates different aspects of violence, including sexualized, political and structural violence, hate crimes and harassment. Additional topics such as hate and threats online, men’s violence against women, violence in close relations and violence in conflict zones are also being brought up.

As one of eleven organisers of the event, RWI is yet again part of supporting the forum which this year celebrates its 18th year. The Institute is organising several seminars and will, as always, attend the forum and have staff representing the institute during the days in Stockholm 15-17 November.

About the seminars:

Border deaths: where does responsibility lie?

Sweden and the wider European Union (EU) take the right to a life free from violence seriously and have a clear duty to protect people within their jurisdiction. However, what kind of responsibility do these states have towards people on the borders of the EU? This question is highly relevant today with the Mediterranean Sea becoming the world’s deadliest border crossing. As many flee the violence in their own countries, who bears responsibility for the deaths at sea? Professor Thomas Spijkerboer, who recently completed a large-scale research programme on border deaths, discusses these issues with Wilfried Buchhorn of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees representation in Northern Europe and Professor Elspeth Guild of Queen Mary University, an expert in EU refugee law.

When: 2018-11-15, 10:30-12:00

Where: C3

See the Facebook event for more information


Mänskliga rättigheter – en självklarhet i kommunen

Kommunens ansvar för mänskliga rättigheter är inget nytt ansvar det innebär inte heller att ett nytt parallellt system behövs. Det handlar om ett nytt sätt att jobba i den dagliga verksamheten, att sätta medborgarens behov och rättigheter i centrum. Men hur gör man? I seminariet kommer två personer att presentera idéer på hur man kan jobba effektivare och skapa en kultur som främjar alla och stärker deras rättigheter.

Speakers: Gabriella Fredriksson, RWI, Cecilia Ramqvist, SKL, Love Hetz, Rättighetsstrateg i Klippans kommun

When: 2018-11-16, 9:00-10:00

Where: C3

See the Facebook event for more information

Violent Toxics: A Conversation with the UN Special Rapporteur on Toxics and Human Rights

Exposure to toxic substances is a form of violence, leading to diseases, disabilities and premature death. Yet the perpetrators are often invisible and the victims silent. Gabriel Stein, Head of Communications at RWI, will speak to Baskut Tuncak, the UN Special Rapporteur on Toxics and Human Rights, about two of his reports on exposure to toxics as a form of violence against both children and workers.

When: 2018-11-16, 13:00-13:30

Where: Stora Scenen

See the Facebook event for more information

Violence against human rights defenders – role of business 

Violence against human rights defenders is escalating around the world and in many cases is directly linked to companies. Local and indigenous people who defend their rights to land and natural resources are particularly vulnerable. What responsibility do companies have for their value chain? What is the state’s responsibility for Swedish companies’ behaviour abroad? Frances Quimpo Dungueto from the Center for Environmental Concerns in the Philippines discusses with businesses, a UN rapporteur and policy makers.

Organisers: Forum Syd, Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Swedwatch, Diakonia, Amnesty International, Naturskyddsföreningen, Afrikagrupperna, FIAN Sverige

When: 2018-11-15, 15:00 – 16:00

Where: C8



Gabriel Stein, the head of communications at RWI, says the Institute has been a long-time partner for the planning, funding and organizing of the Swedish Forum for Human Rights. Stein also adds:

This is a unique and powerful meeting of many of the key actors in society working in some way or another with issues related to human rights. With human rights under threat in many parts of the world these days, this event is more relevant than ever.

Check here for more information and tickets.

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