Conceptions and Epistemologies of “Crisis” in Regard to Disasters, Migration and Refugees

You are welcome to a seminar arranged by the Pufendorf IAS ́s ASG CRISIS, organised by RWI’s Research Director, Thomas Gammeltoft Hansen, and Professor Mo Hamza at Lund University, discussing the conceptions and epistemologies of the word “crisis”. Gammeltoft-Hansen will be one of three speakers, addressing the topic under the title “Meditations on ‘Refugee Crisis’”.

When: Wednesday 25 April 2018 09:15 – 12:00
Where: Pufendorf IAS seminar room, 2nd floor, Biskopsgatan 3, Lund 221 00

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The word, “crisis”, is being repeatedly invoked in regard to natural disasters, migration and refugees. Crises are being declared by both media, politicians and scholars in regard to hurricanes and floods, scenes of desperate migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean and pictures of refugees walking the streets of Europe. Crisis, in this context, may of course refer to the pressing realities that those directly affected by these experiences, but is often also used in regard to the real or perceived impact on surrounding societies. As such, the invocation of crisis equally serves to justify rapid shifts in the socio-political and economic landscapes at both the national and international level, laying bare power, socioeconomic and other dynamics underlying the responses to these phenomena. Moreover, crisis claims in regard to any of these issues often have important reciprocal effects for each of the other areas.

Following the general approach of the Pufendorf Advanced Study Group on CRISIS, this seminar will try to open up interdisciplinary and multifaceted dialogues in regard to the conceptualization and epistemologies of crisis in regard to disasters, migration and refugees. We ask, how, on what basis, by whom and in what context crisis is proclaimed. Moreover, what does crisis means for the security, precariousness, rights, and social justice of particular individuals and groups in specific contexts? Last, but not least, to what extent does crisis language open up avenues for counter-politics and various moral/ethical calls for action?

Full Programme

09:15 – 09:20 Introduction by Mo Hamza

09:20 – 09:50 Media Constructions of the Refugee Crisis Discourse by Dalia Abdelhady – Director, Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University

09:50 – 10:20 Wars and Migration Crises: On missing persons during armed conflict and international migration by Ninna Nyberg Sørensen – Research Coordinator, Danish Institute for International Studies

10:20 – 10:40 Fika 10:40 – 11:10

Meditations on “Refugee Crisis” by Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen – Research Director, Raoul Wallenberg Institute

11:10 – 12.00 Open discussion and reflections on the general theme of the symposium

Please note that seats are limited to 30.

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