Book Launch Seminar with Richard Falk

The well-known professor and author Richard Falk will be visiting Lund on the 15 March to speak about the recent book “Revisiting the Vietnam War and International Law: Views and Interpretations of Richard Falk.” which was edited by Stefan Andersson.

The book brings up a series of scholarly and critical essays about the legal aspects of the Vietnam War by exploring various crimes committed by the United States against North Vietnam.

In the book, Falk addresses war of aggression, war crimes in bombing civilian targets such as schools and hospitals, using napalm, cluster bombs, and Agent Orange.

Falk, who observed these acts personally in North Vietnam in 1968, uses international law to show how they came about. He argues that only a stronger adherence to international law can save the world from such future tragedies and create a sustainable world order.

About Richard Falk:

Richard Falk is Albert G. Milbank Professor of International Law and Practice Emeritus, Princeton University and currently Distinguished Research Fellow, Orfalea Center of Global Studies, UCSB. He was UN Special Rapporteur for Occupied Palestine, 2008-2014. In 2017 he co-authored a UN report entitled “Israeli Practices towards the Palestinian People and Question of Apartheid” that generated controversy and widespread discussion. He is Senior Vice President of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

In 1972 he published “This Endangered Planet: Prospects and Proposals for Human Survival” (1972). Other recent books are Humanitarian “Intervention and Legitimacy Wars” (2014), “Palestine: The Legitimacy of Hope” (2015), “Chaos & Counterrevolution: After the Arab Spring” (2015), “Power Shift: On the New Global Order” (2016), “Palestine’s Horizon: Towards a Just Peace”(2017) and “Exploring Emergent Global Thresholds: Towards 2030” (2017).

He has been nominated annually for the Nobel Peace Prize since 2008.

When: 15 March, 14:15-16:30

Where: Pufendorf Auditorium, Lilla gråbrödersgatan 3, Lund.

Moderator: Prof. Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen (Research Director at RWI)

Discussant: Prof. Emeritus of International Law Ove Bring (Stockholm University), Dr. Markus Gunneflo (Faculty of Law, LU) & Prof. Helle Rydström (Department of Gender Studies, LU)

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