“Border Deaths Occur at the Borders of Wealthy Countries”

In our latest episode of “On Human Rights,” we hear Thomas Spijkerboer, who has, for over a decade, done research on border deaths and their correlation to European migration policies.

The podcast was recorded during his “Wednesday Night Rights” lecture, which is an event organized with the Association of Foreign Affairs in Lund.

Thomas calls border deaths a large scale, protracted and a policy-related violation of the right to life. He also outlines the consequences for European law and policy.

Border deaths are perfectly foreseeable, you can be damned sure that people have died today and will die tomorrow day after day, we know more or less where, more or less how and we know more or less who.

Interested in the lecture? Check out the presentation that was used here

About Thomas Spijkerboer
Thomas Spijkerboer is the Raoul Wallenberg Visiting Professor of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in Lund since November 2017, in addition to being professor of migration law at his home base, the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His research is about border deaths; gender and sexuality in asylum law; the crisis of European refugee law; illegalized refugees; and the role of courts in migration law.


Learn more about his research via his website.

Photos: Eric Hertz and Sandra Jakobsson

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