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New Research Briefs on Business and Human Rights

On Business and Human Rights

RWI’s Senior Researcher, Radu Mares, Team Leader of Economic Globalisation and Human Rights, has written four research briefs on business and human rights.

Brief 1 – Three Baselines for Business and Human Rights
The first brief explains the progression of legal reasoning around corporate human rights responsibilities during the last two decades.

Brief 2 – Regulating in a Transnational Context: Three Foundational Principles
The second brief puts forward three foundational principles that explain the difficulties in regulating multinational enterprises.

Brief 3 – Policy Developments in Six Policy Channels
The third brief tracks recent developments in different policy fields such as economic law, human rights and development cooperation, and corporate social responsibility.

Brief 4 – A Two-Track, Multi-Channel Regulatory Model
This brief is about using legal coercion directed at the top of global value chains (GVCs) as a way forward. It addresses two questions: when and why should coercive regulations be promoted or not?

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