Unique Workshop Held for Chinese Academics and NGO Workers


Ten Chinese academics and NGO workers participated in a workshop last week at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute’s offices in Lund and Stockholm in Sweden. The week-long workshop covered the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and development indicators from a human rights perspective.

RWI’s China programme has been supporting research into human rights aspects of China’s development policies and practices over the past few years. The Institute seeks to develop capacity amongst key actors such as academics and civil society to respond analytically to these processes in order to ensure that human rights are promoted as a key building block for development in China and globally.


“We hope that this workshop can be the start of joint future research and wider engagement bridging development and human rights, not only with our partners in China but also beyond and drawing on RWI’s global network,” says Morten Kjaerum, Director at RWI.


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