“Human Rights in Southeast Asia” Textbook

The Southeast Asian Human Rights Studies Network (SEAHRN) recently launched a textbook for Southeast Asian students: “Human Rights in Southeast Asia.”

This book has been developed in response to concerns from many lecturers at Southeast Asian universities that there were no textbooks appropriate for teaching human rights in the region.

The textbook, although aimed at undergraduate students who are studying a general education level course on human rights, can also be useful for students who study human rights as a part of their degree in courses such as sociology, law, politics, ASEAN studies or development studies. It does not require a specialist knowledge of any discipline and gives the fundamental theories, concepts, and main arguments around human rights, and addresses the relevance of human rights to Southeast Asia.

SEAHRN has been a key academic partner in RWI’s regional programme in Asia between 2009 and 2013. The network still collaborates with RWI in supporting human rights education and research in the region.

The Institute will coordinate with SEAHRN on the human rights research initiative 2016. Some of the researchers of this initiative will hopefully present their papers at the SEAHRN international conference that will take place in October.

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