Human rights research workshop in Laos

The Institute currently implements a training course in Thalat, Laos, for approximately 20 human rights researchers from Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. This is the first workshop in a series of events in 2014 that aims at increasing the capacities of researchers at Academic Institutions in the targeted countries to conduct research on human rights in line with international human rights.

Amelie Sällfors, programme officer in Lund and responsible for the course explains that “this is an exceptional opportunity for these twenty committed researchers to meet and discuss human rights research with each other and with international experts” and continues:

– The course has a very practical approach which will allow each participant to work on their individual research during the week with guidance from international experts. Participants will also have an opportunity to compare research results and strategies with colleagues from the region; an opportunity which many of the participants have never had before.

The participants will receive thematic and methodological support through the programme which will last throughout the year. Participants will take part in two workshops during the year and will in between the workshops receive mentorship from RWI experts. The hope is that at the end of the year, as many participants as possible, will be able to present their research at a national, regional or international conference.

The programme is jointly managed by the Institute’s Cambodia Programme and Regional Asia Programme.

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