Human Rights Africa

Our cooperation in Sub-Saharan Africa began in 1991. Since then broad cooperation has been maintained bilaterally in several countries and regionally/sub-regionally.

The work has primarily featured human rights capacity development programmes for justice and security sector institutions, national human rights institutions (NHRIs), and academic institutions. In addition, extensive scholarship study opportunities at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute have been provided to African professionals.

Regional Cooperation

human rights kenya

We work to strengthen the capacities of key institutions to promote human rights and good governance in Sub-Saharan Africa, and thereby enhance their role and that of others (such as regional and sub-regional institutions and mechanisms) to advance peace and security through regional cooperation.

Read more about our cooperation regionally in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Our programme in Kenya involves cooperation to strengthen human rights capacity within the Kenya Prisons Service, and support for the strengthening of human rights perspectives in the coordination between actors in the administration of justice.
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human rights zimbabwe

In 2016, we entered into an agreement with the Embassy of Sweden in Harare on a cooperation programme — the Zimbabwe Human Rights Capacity Development Programme for the period 2016-2018. The programme is run primarily from the Lund office. Read more.