Olle Wästberg

Olle Wästberg: “We Need More Raoul Wallenbergs Today”

This week, our podcast, “On Human Rights,” is coming to you from the middle of the Baltic Sea, on the island of Gotland. Here all week at a political festival called Almedalen, politicans, academics, the civil society, and the business community comes together to meet, debate and mingle. It’s sometimes called the largest democracy party.…

“We Have to Ensure that We Do Not Need a New Raoul Wallenberg”

RWI’s director, Morten Kjaerum, recently spoke at the Connecting Law and Memory conference in Mechelen, Belgium. This conference focused on training courses in human rights for law enforcement and civil servants based on Holocaust and genocide studies with an emphasis on bringing together both civil servants (especially law enforcement) and museums and memorials from all…

Conference in honor of Raoul Wallenberg

In order to honor Raoul Wallenbergs’ efforts in Budapest during the second world war the conference “Between Salvation and Extermination during World War II” was held in Bucharest on October 12. Read more (in Swedish)