The project deals with human rights abuses and disruption in mining areas. Focusing on the capacities of local authorities and local communities is essential for cope effectively and sustainably with mining’s impacts. We study three areas of policy – corporate social responsibility (CSR), decentralisation, and development cooperation (ODA) – and examine their impacts on local capacities. The project raises two hypotheses:  the capacities of local authorities and communities, on the one hand, and the alignment of CSR, ODA and decentralisation, on the other hand, are essential for development and human rights in mining areas. The outcome of the project will be a conceptual account, a methodology and a computerised graphic tool that displays detailed information on local capacities. The tool is a presentational (in a simple form), mapping (comprehensively) and learning tool that will facilitate alignments and synergies among stakeholders.

Project period: 2016 –

Project owner:

Radu Mares

Associate Professor, Team Leader of Economic Globalisation and Human Rights

+ 46 46 222 12 43