Gathering Ideas to Improve the Lives of Syrian Youth

Millions of Syrian have been affected by the war since 2011. Among other pressing humanitarian priorities, Syrian youth in particular are in danger of becoming a ‘lost generation’ due in part to the lack of available and affordable avenues for higher education within Syria and in host neighbouring countries. Photo caption: Dr. Lina Al-Shabeeb, law professor,…

RWI’s Research Director Awarded Drassow Prize

Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, RWI’s Research Director, has been awarded the Danish Authors’ Guild’s so-called “peace prize” for his 2016 book “How do we solve the refugee crisis?” or “Hvordan løser vi flygtningekrisen?” in Danish. Formally called the “Drassow prize” after its benefactor Frode Drassow, it has been awarded since 1989 to a Danish author who through…

New Publication on Privatization of Migration Management

Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, RWI Research Director and Professor, recently published a chapter in a new book, The Practice of Shared Responsibility in International Law.  In this new book chapter, Gammeltoft-Hansen examines the extent to which states and private actors can share responsibility for refugee law and human rights violations in the context of migration control, detention and removal.

It’s a Crisis of Policy, Not Numbers

Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, Research Director and Professor at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, recently authored an article in the Journal on Migration and Human Security. In it, he argues that the current paradigm governing global refugee policy is fundamentally unsustainable and needs to be replaced.