How the World is Drifting Apart and Bursting Bubbles

Johan Hassel is the CEO of Global Utmaning, or in English, Global Challenge. This is an independent think tank that promotes long-term solutions to crises and challenges. Hassel is also a member of the Swedish Delegation for the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Photo: Lisa Hydén

Jan Eliasson on Being a Worried Optimist

Jan Eliasson’s resume is as extensive as it is impressive. Amongst other tasks for the Swedish state, he acted as minister for foreign affairs in 2006 and was the Swedish ambassador to the U.N for several years. He has served as Special Envoy to Darfur, Sudan and as President of the UN general assembly. In…

On the Role of Women in Military Culture

In our lates episode of On Human Rights, we have a special interview from MR-dagarna (Swedish Human Rights Forum) in Malmö, with Alice Wadström from the RWI who is talking to Cynthia Enloe, a professor known for her work on gender and militarism.