Raoul Wallenberg Institute Library in Lund, Sweden
Since its foundation in 1984, the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law has systematically built up a research library in Lund.

The library focus on public international law in general and human rights law and humanitarian law in particular.

The collection, which consists of approximately 30,000 titles and includes a large number of periodicals. It forms not only the leading human rights library in Sweden, but is also generally considered to be among the top five human rights libraries in Europe.

We recommend that you use this LibGuide to find resources related to human rights. The guide is produced by the librarians at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute with the ambition to facilitate studies and research on human rights. Most of the resources are related to international human rights law. The guide contains relevant databases, subject guides on human rights and humanitarian law, links to courts and tribunals and case law.

We recommend you to use Libris when looking for books at Raoul Wallenberg Institute’s Library or other academic libraries in Sweden. Also use Libris if you just want to get an overview of books in a specific field of interest. Type ‘Lrwi’ in the box ‘Library’ and mark Favorite and you will see the books available at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute´s Library.
We don’t recommend you using Libris to search for electronic resources, use Lubsearch instead. LIBRIS is a national search service providing information on titles held by Swedish university and research libraries and contains 6.5 million titles.

We recommend that you use LUBsearch if you want to search for electronic (online) material. LUBsearch is Lund Universities Libraries newest meta search tool.

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We recommend that you use Westlaw when you are searching for articles on law, regulations, cases, court briefs. If you want to look at the various issues that include laws of different types and court cases, Westlaw is one of the best resources. If you want to find connections between articles and cases Westlaw is also to be recommended. When you are using Westlaw, you can either search by terms and conditions, or you can search by the natural language. Either way, you need to be able to construct a search so that you can get the best information for your needs.

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We recommend you to use HeinOnline if you know fairly well what you are looking for, or are searching for elderly materials. HeinOnline is an excellent source of full text journals. HeinOnline provides exact page images of the documents in PDF format just as they appear in the original print. You can navigate through titles by clicking on the A-Z list at the top of the main frame, and then scrolling down the screen until you find the journal. Help with finding the correct citation form can be found by following the ‘Find Blue Book Citation’ link.

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