Human Rights are Part of the Solution to Terrorism

Counter-terrorism in the European union

Jonas Grimheden talked about the European Union’s counter-terrorism policies and their implications for human rights recently at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute.

As Senior Policy Manager at the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), a decentralised center of fundamental rights expertise for the EU, Grimheden works daily to ensure full respect for human rights across the Union.

Grimheden discussed the current EU legal framework that is in place to combat terrorism and asked if it is ever possible for human rights to be compatible with counter-terrorism measures.
“For a sustainable strategy combating terrorism, human rights have to be included,” he said. “The two are not in opposition with each other and human rights have to be part of the picture.” (more…)

Khan Says Rule of Law Vital For Sustainable Development


Irene Khan, the Director-General of the International Development Law Organization (IDLO), said weak institutions, competition for aid, and recurring conflict and violence are signs of the troubling times we are facing.

“What kind of future do we want to pass on to the next generation?” she asked, saying there were no easy answers. “However there is hope and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030 agenda supports it.”


Moving Towards Clinical Legal Education Clinics in Zimbabwe

Clinical Legal Education Zimbabwe

The Institute recently organised an introductory workshop to clinical legal education in Zimbabwe in cooperation with the Herbert Chitepo School of Law and the International Commission of Jurist’s Zimbabwe programme

The objective of the workshop was to contribute to knowledge and skills needed by university teachers to provide clinical legal education to students. This includes how to teach students practical legal skills in relation to a social justice setting, primarily how to provide client legal advice and assistance to legal aid clinics, and how to contribute to legal literacy or street law–type clinics.