Who we are

We are an experienced research and academic institution that has offices, programmes, and convening power covering 40 countries.

We combine evidence-based human rights research with direct engagement with partners to contribute to a wider understanding of, and respect for, human rights and international humanitarian law.

We began this work in 1984.

What's new

Highlighted publications

Just and inclusive societies with the effective realisation of human rights for all

Our focus areas

We have set out to focus our work on major human rights issues where we can add value.

Our results

32 Years...

that we've advanced the field of human rights and humanitarian law with innovative and policy-oriented research.

14k Individuals...

who've improved their capacity to promote, protect, and fulfill human rights in our master programmes and trainings.

70 Institutions...

in the justice sector with whom we've worked to strengthen the delivery of and access to justice.

60 Countries...

in which we've convened actors since 1984 to contribute to developing unique solutions to human rights challenges.

What we do

We are a network-based organisation that works through strong partnerships with international organisations, governments, the justice sector, local and regional authories, universites, and the business sector to bring about a wider understanding of, and respect for, human rights and international humanitarian law.

Direct Engagement

We engage directly in the implementation of human rights together with our partners around the world to improve the practical application of human rights.

Human Rights Education

We educate and equip decision-makers with the tools they need to address the major human rights challenges of today and tomorrow.

Human Rights Forums

We bring together policy-makers, experts and civil society to engage in solution-oriented dialogue to advance human rights. Together we bring about change.

Where we work

We have a global presence with offices and programmes covering more than 40 countries.

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